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Steve Brady, founder and proprietor of On Q Wines, crafts ultra-premium micro production wines from the finest Napa Valley grapes grown in the Coombsville sub-appellation. 

As a young man growing up in the Napa Valley, Steve learned to appreciate and respect the significance of the region’s winemaking history. In addition to his love for wine, Steve’s longtime hobby of playing the trumpet soon evolved into a semi-professional endeavor. As his passions for both wine and music grew, Steve realized the creation of extraordinary music and the crafting of world-class wine shared a common element—timing.

Trained as a Marine Engineer and having spent many years at sea, Steve’s detail-oriented, meticulous nature couple with his artistic side has enabled him to create wines of high-quality, elegance, and sophistication to be enjoyed by both the discriminating wine connoisseur and novice alike.

Steve planted his first vineyard in 2003 with help from his three daughters, Megan, Amanda, and Marina—each of whom have been involved in his winemaking endeavors since its inception. He produced his first wine with the 2005 vintage, a Rhone blend that received rave reviews from friends, family, and local wine competitions called Megandina.

In 2010, Steve launched On Q Wines with an indelible vintage that received rave reviews and high scores. Steve's Consulting Winemaker, Maayan Koschitzky, assists Steve in winemaking decisions and works directly alongside him in the cellar.


Steve Brady




Maayan Koschitzky


Maayan comes to On Q Wines by way of cult wineries Screaming Eagle, Dalle Valle, and Atelier Melka.


“Spanning wine regions in Israel, California, Washington and Chile, Maayan has accumulated more winemaking experience in ten years than many enologists would in an entire career,” says Inside Winemaking Magazine.

Like Steve, Maayan holds an Engineering degree and a background unique to the Napa Valley. However, his ultimate passion for winemaking and enology led him to the Napa Valley, where he has become one of the most respected and talented winemakers in the region. His distinguished palate and ability to construct complex wine blends has elevated On Q to a new level. Maayan and Steve work closely together to ensure On Q wines are among some of the finest produced in the Napa Valley

Maayan’s meticulous focus in tending to the vines with great care and precision are the impetus in ensuring On Q Wines are produced with the best fruit possible, supporting his belief that “great wine starts right on the vines.”



Maayan Koschitzky

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